I am a practitioner of pre-colonial practices and rites that center ancestor veneration. I am a rememberer, an acknowledger. I codify.

I am a multimedia artist, filmmaker, writer, and designer exploring the resonance of genetic cultural memory through the mundane and the mystical. 

My practice offers meditative narratives that reflect my fascination with, admiration for, and immersion in the aesthetic, ritual, and dynamic continuum that is the African Diaspora. 

My practice has been informed by a multitude of influences: I grew up apprenticing in my parents' studio and learning the craft and varied techniques of art from them both: making works based on traditions of ancestry, ritualistic repetition, and liberation. My mother, an artist and art historian, heavily informed my approach to archival research, particularly my sense for imbued meanings and specific resonances embedded in the found objects I frequently use in my work. 

Be it through headdress and adornment, pelts, my unique brand of sculpture named refuse alchemy, or film and video works, a desire to bring a more visceral, lush, and sensual experience to our day-to-day lives is central  to my practice.

I was sent by our ancestors to remind us of who we have always been, who we still are, and more importantly, who we can be.